Peter Molyneaux’s Curiosity, Godus, and The Accidental God

Last November, game developer Peter Molyneaux launched Curiosity. The game was  a single cube, billions and billions of tiny little cells that players cleared one by one, earning coins that could buy tools to clear cells that would earn coins to buy tools. It was an undisguised gaming endorphin stim, a delivery device so blatant it the FDA should have regulated it.So far, we're in Farmville territory. But Molyneaux promised that the Cube was concealing a great secret, one that would be di … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: Peter Molyneux Turns One Lucky Gamer Into A “Digital God”

Last November, famed game designer Peter Molyneux launched Curiosity, a game in which millions of players tapped away at a giant cube in hopes of learning the secret at its center. (It made our editor-in-chief kinda mad) One lucky gamer recently removed the last bit of the cube. His reward? He will become an all-powerful god ruling over all of the other players in Molyneux's next game, Godus, and will work with Molyneux to set Godus' morals and rules. … [Read more...]