ELSEWHERE: What Does Google Really Mean When It Says “Don’t Be Evil”?

On its face, Google's "Don't Be Evil" slogan seems like a refreshing change in the corporate world, a stance to do what is right and moral. However, recent actions by the company, including their recent decision to use its users' names and likenesses in advertisements, seem to fly in the face of their slogan. However, as Ian Bogost argues, that's because the "evil" Google refers to is not the same sort of "evil" that most people think of when they hear the word. … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: Google Goes Wild for Sendak’s Birthday

Google’s ever-changing home page doodle has gone wild today honoring the birthday of children’s author Maurice Sendak; he would have celebrated 85 years today. The almost two-minute tribute features characters and illustrations from Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are, In the Night Kitchen, and Bumble-Ardy. Watch the clip in full at Fast Company to stir up some childhood nostalgia and whimsy. … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: Surprise, You Just Got Dumped By Google!

An increasing amount of our critical computing needs are handled by "the cloud" via services like Gmail. But what happens when you're locked out of your Google account? Tienlon Ho found out the hard way earlier this year, and was surprised to learn how little accountability Google has to its users. … [Read more...]

Google’s Project Glass: A Preliminary Understanding

Behold Puny Mortals! Tremble before Google and their newest digital endeavor: Google Glass! Well, maybe not. Announced in 2012, Project Glass just began to be released to the public via an "early adopter" program and Google has released footage of real-life use of the hardware.As a tech guy, I'm excited by this hardware's potential. Consider it: The ability to always track certain info, to share life with a single phrase. What could come of it? How could we further record the human … [Read more...]

When Google Doesn't Meet Your Religious Standards

Surfers who are concerned about being potentially morally and spiritually contaminated by Google's search results now have some "holier" alternatives. NPR recently wrote about several alternative search engines that cater to specific religious groups: In a world where Google has put every bit of information at our fingertips, some people are now demanding less information when they surf the Internet.Some Jews, Muslims and Christians are abandoning Yahoo and Google and turning to search engines … [Read more...]