Every Song I Ever Wrote Was Written for You: Belle and Sebastian

If you take everything out of your life, then what’s left? If you get rid of all your friends, stop listening to all music, through necessity, then what comes out of that void? What comes out of the silence?—Stuart MurdochLast week Pitchfork.tv released an hour-long documentary about the making of Belle and Sebastian’s beloved album If You’re Feeling Sinister. The documentary is the latest in their Pitchfork Classic series looking behind the scenes at notable albums.The documentary i … [Read more...]

Can the Church Alone Provide Welfare for the Poor?

Charity needs a more comprehensive vision that includes both the Church and the government. "Gimme five!" says a boy of maybe seven. It's not so much a request, as a demand for attention. He has invaded my small office with his two younger brothers, an office so small that I have room for only a desk, a couple chairs, and a bookshelf. His mother is sitting in one of those chairs. She is distraught, barely able to maintain eye contact. She fidgets with her Kleenex and stares at the floor. The … [Read more...]