The Magical Worlds of ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘Left Behind’

This month brings fans one fantasy franchise’s new covers, and the start of production of another franchise’s film remake. But the backstories of both franchises are more alike than we may think.Once upon a time, specifically the late 1990s, these franchises fought. One was set in a world of good wizards, a dark lord, non-magical citizens, and a global battle between light and darkness. It won over bestseller lists. This surprised readers, because this series was by a Christian thriller nov … [Read more...]

Podcast #14: Dumbledore's Coming Out Party

Click here to listen!It goes without saying that without Harry Potter there would be no show. What else would David have to bring up every single episode - relentlessly - without bringing up Rich's brilliant (Or misguided?) claim that Harry Potter was a Christ figure?Well, J. K. Rowling is clearly messing with our heads. A few weeks ago, she announced to the world, "I always thought of Dumbledore as gay."Okay... this is a good time for some awkward silence, and maybe a meticulous hindsight … [Read more...]