Watching Politics From the Pew: The Cost of Healthcare and Wisdom

Each week in Watching Politics From the Pew, Benjamin Bartlett offers a thoughtful Christian perspective on the latest political happenings in the news.What should we do about the rising cost of healthcare?If you focus your attention on the political rhetoric surrounding this topic, you will usually hear what a candidate is against: public exchanges, insurance companies, mandated coverage, Obamacare, etc. If someone is for something, it is often for the purpose of blame, such as being for … [Read more...]

Searching for Christ in a Culture of Fear

This morning President Obama signs historic healthcare legislation into law. A lot of people are not happy about this. Many decry this as the end of America, others as the end of time. I thought we had until 2012? Either way, I'm not a prophet or a poli-sci major so I wouldn't know for sure. I have noticed many Christians are at maximum freak out levels. I would like to provide some helpful reflective thoughts for your consideration. Thank you.Since "perfect love drives out fear" (1 … [Read more...]