Rendering Unto Caesar

They say that nothing is certain in life except for death and taxes. "They" are pretty much correct in that assessment, and they have been correct for a long, long time. Even in Jesus' day, the Jews were upset about paying taxes to Rome, so much so that they would soon form their own little "Occupy Jerusalem" protest, only they would not be so peaceful about it. In the midst of this unrest against the tyranny of Rome, Jesus was confronted about whether or not it was lawful to pay taxes to … [Read more...]

Watching Politics From the Pew: Herman Cain and "Christian" Political Hypocrisy

Each week in Watching Politics From the Pew, Benjamin Bartlett offers a thoughtful Christian perspective on the latest political happenings in the news.It is pretty awkward watching Herman Cain right now. The man has interesting credentials, is an excellent speaker, and appeals strongly to those who prefer anti-establishment candidates. He has also been married to the same woman for his entire adult life, which is increasingly rare in politics.But then this happened. I won’t speak to its val … [Read more...]