Meet the Internet’s Most Hated Typist

If you've spent any time on Reddit, or any of those meme sites out there, then you might've seen a picture of a guy pecking away at his typewriter on a sunny day whilst sitting on a park bench. Seems like a rather innocuous photo, if a little odd, but surprisingly, it elicited a huge amount of negative comments on Reddit, such as:"I see this as pathetic. If this was some sort of performance art, it would be one thing, but it'd be the worst piece ever. This is just some ***hole trying to … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: The Complete Guide To Identifying Hipsters

Trying to define how, exactly, to identify a hipster can be difficult. Fortunately, the folks at The Awl have posted this comprehensive list of hipster attributes culled straight from the pages of that most official guide to all that is hip, The New York Times. Potential hipster attributes include "bunchy blouses", "cardigans" (which should make our editor-in-chief very happy), "gaunt people in tight clothes", "oversized lumber-jack shirts", and -- my favorite -- "raffishly trimmed whiskers". … [Read more...]

In Defense of Hipsters

A few years ago, I needed a new pair of eyeglasses. I had heard about this company that makes designer lenses at an affordable price, and I decided to check them out. I loved what I found and ordered the Coltons. Customers at the coffeehouse where I work regularly ask me if my glasses are "real" because apparently they're hipster. Yes, they are real, and no, I'm not offended. I'd like to tell you why I take no offense but before I do, let's review what it is about the hipster image that evokes … [Read more...]

Hipster Bashing, Ironic Living, and Seeing the World Through the Eyes of A Child

It's tempting to read Christy Wampole's recent New York Times piece, "How To Live Without Irony", as little more than an attack on hipsters, especially when it begins with this bit: The hipster haunts every city street and university town. Manifesting a nostalgia for times he never lived himself, this contemporary urban harlequin appropriates outmoded fashions (the mustache, the tiny shorts), mechanisms (fixed-gear bicycles, portable record players) and hobbies (home brewing, playing trombone). … [Read more...]