Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson on Homosexuality: Abusing the Yuck Factor

Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson has recently come under fire for some comments he made about homosexuality in an interview reported by GQ. In all honesty, I'm surprised it took quite this long for controversy to arise from the strong opinions of a conservative gun-toting and bible-thumping family watched weekly by 14 million Americans. In the interview, Phil says many things about his Christian faith, but there are some particulars from the conversation that have stirred up groups like GLAAD which … [Read more...]

Arguing Against Homosexuality Based On Its “Yuck Factor” is Gross

I love Thabiti Anyabwile. But I think he's really, really wrong in his article "The Importance of Your Gag Reflex When Discussing Homosexuality and 'Gay Marriage'." You should go and read Anyabwile's arguments, but if you have a bad case of the lazy, I'll sum it up: his claim is that an effective way to combat the current toleration of homosexual sex is to describe it, and that will work because people naturally think that it's gross. Anyabwile recalls an incident where gay marriage was … [Read more...]

Wise As Serpents, Even On The Daily Show, Especially On The Daily Show

Did you hear about that Evangelical pastor who got skewered on the Daily Show for claiming that Christians are bullied and gays beat up straights? Well, if you haven't already, you should. In fact, you know what, just take a few to watch it:So, there you have it. Dumb Evangelical pastor Matt Slick gets shown up as a silly, bigoted fool for thinking that Christians are persecuted in our country. We're the majority religion with hundreds of thousands of churches, presidents claiming our … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: A Respectful Conversation About Gays In The Church? Did That Really Happen?

What happens when a gay Christian activist meets five conservative Evangelical Christian pastors to discuss the question, "Can LGBT Christians be reconciled with the Church?" Disagreement and irreconcilable differences? Sure. But also lots of honest, respectful, and even loving discussion. Via The Slacktivist. … [Read more...]

How We Can Learn From Downton Abbey’s Gay Character

It seems, generally speaking, that Christians have a hard time deciding what types of "sin" they are willing to watch and what types they won't. My decision to watch a show is intentional: I have to get on the computer, pull up Netflix, and let the show load. The one show I've watched most recently and enjoy wholeheartedly is Downton Abbey. But many Christians, including some close to me, believe that I've made a poor viewing choice due to the portrayal of certain sins in its plot.My husband … [Read more...]

Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day Take Two: Thanks for Listening to the LGBT Community, Dan Cathy

Last year, when Mike Huckabee and many, many others were calling upon all God-fearing Americans to support Chick-fil-A, a godly business that was allegedly being persecuted for standing up for the biblical definition of marriage, a number of Christians argued that buycotts and boycotts were really not healthy or productive ways of working through social issues as a society. At that time, I wrote in my detailed feature on the debate: Making Chick-fil-A the symbolic battleground for the d … [Read more...]

Music at Mars Hill: Why Frank Ocean's Rise to Fame Matters

Music at Mars Hill is a weekly column by Luke Larsen that seeks to find God amidst the newest trends in both mainstream music and independent music.No doubt you may have seen the name Frank Ocean in the past week or two going through your Twitter and Facebook feeds. But before we dive into why this 24-year-old singer-songwriter's quick rise to fame matters, let me set up the context.Fans have been anticipating Frank Ocean's solo career debut for quite some time. First there was his guest … [Read more...]

How Should Christians Think About Gay Marriage?

Most days, I’m glad you can’t see the discussions that go on between Christ and Pop Culture's writers. They tend to consist of teasing, arguing, teasing, complaining about life and culture in general, teasing, countless inside jokes, and the occasional substantial conversation. It can be a little overwhelming. When I come home from work (where the ongoing conversation is unavailable to me), I often have to set aside over half an hour just to catch up on the flow of conversation from the day… and  … [Read more...]

Sports and Slurs

Sports have often been used as a kind of educational tool. This is one reason people share a fanatical bond with their favorite sport. For many, a game, season, or team remains forever branded in their memory because of the lessons learned and experiences derived from it. Sports can instruct in discipline, work ethic, teamwork, and submission to authority.Recently the NBA decided to use an ad to take on a controversial subject matter: the bullying of homosexuals. In the ad the NBA focused … [Read more...]