Mixed Signals: Abused Goddesses Expose Violence in India

In Mixed Signals, Erin Straza muses about marketing miscellany in advertising, branding, and messaging.As a freelance writer, I often work from coffee shops to get out of my home office and be among the living. Mostly I find it helpful. Sometimes it just reminds me why it’s often nice to work alone—as an incident last week proved.I was at a coffee shop, concentrating on my work. A fellow patron did what he could to garner my attention. As I looked up, he was holding a handwritten note. SM … [Read more...]

The Unthinkable Reality of Human Trafficking and What You Can Do About It

"We may not see this sort of slavery in the open, but it is there, lurking in shadows and on the fringes of society, quietly engulfing its victims for an estimated $32 billion in profits worldwide annually." Unthinkable things happen around the world today. A quick scan of the headlines is enough to weigh down the heart with reports of atrocities and tragedies and calamities and more. Here in the United States, things are far from perfect, but generally speaking, we have a measure of comfort … [Read more...]

Fighting Human Trafficking

This week, President Obama issued an executive order meant to work toward the end of human trafficking. The order came in response to a petition with more than 73,000 signatures delivered to the President back in June of this year. (I had the chance and the honor of signing the petition.)In his speech announcing the executive order, the President said this about modern-day slavery: Now, I do not use that word, "slavery" lightly.  It evokes obviously one of the most painful chapters in our … [Read more...]

Honoring the Difference Our Moms Made

For many of us, a faithful lineage of women has been the source of strength for our families. This Mother’s Day, Christ and Pop Culture honors these women by lending our voices to help girls in India who have been robbed of this vital support system. We are partnering with As Our Own, an organization that rescues girls in danger of exploitation and slavery. As Our Own promises to parent these girls as their very own daughters—for the rest of their lives. Celebrate the amazing women in your life t … [Read more...]