What Would a Biblical Immigration Policy Be?

The ongoing debate in the U.S. Congress over immigration reform has seen significant activism and commentary from evangelical Christians, indicating that evangelicals, like most Americans, favor broad immigration reform. The U.S. Senate passed an immigration bill at the end of June, and it is currently under consideration by the House of Representatives. The most prominent group of evangelical leaders and organizations to weigh in on immigration policy, the Evangelical Immigration Table, … [Read more...]

Bordering on Chaos: Threading The Needle With Immigration Reform

Nothing brings the United States Senate together quite like larding up a farm bill with goodies for their constituents. But the goodwill and cheer is about to end, as the Senate today voted 84–15 on Tuesday to proceed with debate on so-called comprehensive immigration reform. The measure is splitting coalitions in unpredictable ways, pitting natural allies against one another and deepening generational intraparty rifts.Immigration reform has eluded policymakers for at decades now. The last m … [Read more...]

Immigration Reform and the Christian Welcome Wagon

For those of us with the luxury of not noticing, immigration reform is back on the political scene, and in a big way. President Obama recently made statements about his own plan, and last week, the Senate revealed an outline for proposed immigration reform that is drawing fire from both sides of the political spectrum. In a nutshell, both the president and the Senate agree on creating paths to citizenship for the current 11 million individuals living in America illegally, while focusing on … [Read more...]