Introverts, Unite! Stop Calling Us Shy!

I immediately clicked on Jessica Lahey's article "Introverted Kids Need to Learn to Speak Up at School" because I am both a teacher and an introvert. As far as the headline goes, I agree with Lahey's argument as well as her premise—that the outside world demands dialogue and discussion, and educators who coddle children and never require them to speak ultimately do the children a disservice.However, I take issue with many of the claims Lahey uses to support that overall argument. For i … [Read more...]

The Persecution Complex of the Modern Introvert

According to some, extraverts have taken over our churches and our culture, marginalizing introverts in the process. But what if there is no grand conspiracy against introverts?  Hello, my name is Jason Morehead and I’m an introvert.That means pretty much what you think it means. If left to my druthers, I will almost always choose solitude over social engagements. Extensive interactions can be very exhausting for me, even if I truly like and appreciate the people with whom I’m inter … [Read more...]