ELSEWHERE: iPads Are Proving Beneficial for Special Education Students

It's easy to dismiss iPads as luxury gadgets for checking Facebook, watching Netflix, and playing Candy Crush. But as one Los Angeles educator has discovered, iPads are a huge help when teaching special education students with mental and physical disabilities. As a geek, I love this story because it's a perfect example of technology making a positive impact in the lives of previously disadvantaged individuals. … [Read more...]

Should Pastors (or any of us) Read the Word on an iPad?

I have a Bible app on my phone and I love it. I usually use it in the morning to listen to my daily readings as I putter around making coffee and becoming human again. I've sat down with a number of my students and helped them download that same app in order to show them how easy it is to read a chapter a day instead of spending those 5 minutes checking some inane Reddit thread that, like sugar with teeth, will eventually rot their souls. (I might have to pay for that one later.)That said, … [Read more...]

iToddler: How Soon Is Too Soon To Expose Kids To Technology?

When I was a child, my family made a strict decision to keep gaming consoles out of the house. Game Boys and PlayStations were all devices meant to be played at our cousin's house, or while waiting around at a friend's house, but not at home. In a way, it opened my mind to other activities.However, buying a Game Boy eventually became a primary goal in my young life. I saved up all my money, asked both the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus for a system, and kept nagging my parents. Dad finally … [Read more...]

Mark Driscoll, I really, really need an iPad.

The Stranger recently posted an article detailing a recent marketing strategy Mark Driscoll implemented to boost reviews of his new book, Who Do You Think You Are?: Finding Your True Identity in Christ. Allegedly, Driscoll was spurred on by a less-than-positive review of the book by Stephanie Drury (from Stuff Christian Cultures Like). On Driscoll's Web site this week, he announced they are giving away prizes like an iPad Mini every day in exchange for a review of the book on Amazon.Legality … [Read more...]

Did Apple Really Just Screw Over iPad Owners?

Earlier this week, Apple held an event during which they announced several new and updated products, including a smaller iPad, thinner and sleeker iMacs, and a new high-end laptop. Needless to say, these announcements got plenty of people excited, including yours truly, as the months -- and even years -- of anticipation, rumors, and analysis come to a head and revealed a slew of lovely new products.But as Buzzfeed reports, there were some people who were disappointed, even angered by Apple's … [Read more...]