Does Technology Prevent Us From Being More Thoughtful About Technology?

You've probably noticed that one of the recurring themes in my articles here on CAPC concerns the ever-increasing presence of technology in our lives, and its potential ramifications. (If you have any doubt that this is occurring, consider this recent Pew Internet poll concerning mobile phone users which found that 44% of mobile phone users sleep next to their phones at night, and 29% described their phones as "something they can’t imagine living without.")This ubiquity is aided greatly by te … [Read more...]

The Revolution Will Have to Call You Back

David blogged recently about the iPhone, examining what Christians should think of such a device. One observation:"…it has the potential to become a god. Lining up to buy the iPhone may just suggest the worship of materialism that is rampant in our country. It may suggest the reign of Mamon on our “Christian” continent.Beyond the foundational issue of idolatry is the issue of responsibility. How many people will fork over the hundreds of dollars required to buy this phone, and the thousands i … [Read more...]