God and Country: Echoes of the Church in American Music

Church history is a vital subject for any serious student of theology. Without church history, we don’t have a historical framework for the development of liturgical styles, church music, culture, and doctrine. Church history is not confined to pews and hymnals, though; because of the seeping nature of Christianity, Church history interacts with and affects everything around it. When the dots are connected, sacred and secular prove to be moot terms in the scope of history. Culture and s … [Read more...]

Music Matters: Sweetly Singing over the Pain in Iron & Wine’s ‘Ghost on Ghost’

Each Tuesday in Music Matters, Matthew Linder explores the intersections of music, culture, and faith.Iron & Wine's new album explores pain and vulnerability within the context of a relationship's many stages. Listen to the entire album on Spotify here.Listening to Iron & Wine is like wrapping yourself in a warm, soft, and cuddly blanket and drinking espresso while a poet recites stories of love from a coffee-shop stage. Reminiscent of the lush and intricately crafted soft rock of … [Read more...]