I Am Not Abraham’s Mistake

Arabs are not the result of Abraham's mistake: Derek Rishmawy explains how popular evangelical theology about Arab contradicts the Gospel. 9/11 was a weird day for me. I was a sophomore in high school at the time and I distinctly remember thinking to myself, "Oh God, I hope it wasn't Arabs," as soon as I heard that a plane had been crashed into the first tower. I'm 3/4 Palestinian and at times have a distinctly Arab cast to me. My last name is Rishmawy. Admittedly it was a selfish thought, but … [Read more...]

Israeli Eugenics: Forced Birth Control for Ethiopian Jewish Immigrants

The Independent's Alistair Dawber reports that “Israel has admitted for the first time that it has been giving Ethiopian Jewish immigrants birth-control injections, often without their knowledge or consent.” Many of the immigrant women were given shots of Depo-Provera to control the population due to a fear expressed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “that illegal immigrants from Africa ‘threaten our existence as a Jewish and democratic state.’ ”Compulsory birth control is not the same as … [Read more...]

Navigating a Complex Middle East Situation in the Midst of Assassination

Today, Israel forces assassinated Hamas military chief Ahmed al-Jaabari in Gaza City, the first assassination attempt by Israel of top-level Hamas personnel in almost four years. An act that has thrown the Middle East into a frenzy today, with eight confirmed casualties in Gaza from Hamas and Israeli bombings, Egypt formally withdrawing their ambassador and the United States officially (however unsurprisingly) casting their lot with Israel in what could possibly escalate into all-out war sooner … [Read more...]

Not Fit for Dinner: The Wormy War with Iran

Each Friday in Not Fit for Dinner, C. Ryan Knight explores political issues and the preconceptions guiding our understanding of and responses to them.Tension between Iran and the United States has heightened with the revelation that the United States, along with Israel, launched the Stuxnet cybersabotage directed against Iran’s nuclear program back in 2010. This comes as no surprise to Iran, which suspected this all along.Wall Street Journal writer Siobhan Gorman spoke with a former U.S. offi … [Read more...]