‘Popular Science’ vs. Jenny McCarthy, or, How Not To Engage In Cultural Dialogue

It was recently announced that television personality and former model Jenny McCarthy would become one of the hosts of the daytime talkshow The View. Most of the time, this sort of announcement would probably fly under most people's radars, but McCarthy's hiring has prompted a not insignificant amount of criticism and backlash. And not, as you might expect, because of McCarthy's past experience as a Playboy model. Rather, it's because she is a well-known and popular critic of child vacci … [Read more...]

If I were Justin Bieber, I’d Press Charges against Jenny McCarthy

I know that's easy for me to say given that I am neither famous nor particularly attractive, and the likelihood of Jenny McCarthy sexually harassing me is slim to none, but I do think the mild reaction to McCarthy grabbing Justin Bieber's bottom did not fit the crime. In case you missed it, Jenny McCarthy presented Bieber with the award for Favorite Pop/Rock Album two weeks ago at the American Music Awards, and as Bieber  turned his back on McCarthy to face the audience, she grabbed him, p … [Read more...]