ELSEWHERE: Injustice Piles On Top Of Injustice At Guantánamo

When popular author John Grisham found out that Guantánamo detainees were asking for some of his novels, and that they were being denied, he began to learn more about one of the detainees who was a fan of his work -- a man named Nabil Hadjarab who, despite being held in Guantánamo for 11 years, has never been charged with a crime. The result is a heartbreaking and disturbing story of injustice piled on top of injustice. … [Read more...]

Ariel Castro and the Quest for Justice

Ariel Castro is a criminal of the worst sort. Outside of a horror novel, you will rarely encounter the sort of demented cruelty that Castro inflicted upon his victims. In case you haven't already read about it, Ariel Castro kidnapped, enslaved, raped, impregnated, and otherwise tortured three women in his house over the course of ten years. He chained them up, hid them, and prevented them from having any contact with the outside world. When family or friends came around looking for them, he … [Read more...]

A New Gospel-Inspired Peace in Honduras

I've been to Honduras, I think, four times in my life--twice that I can remember and a couple of trips when I was an infant. It's where my parents were born, my mother grew up, and a majority of my extended family still lives. My mom still goes back regularly to see our family in the capital city of Tegucigalpa and I'd love to take my wife there one day to meet them as well. It's a beautiful country with a rich culture and generous people. Of course, to me the best part of Honduras is my family, … [Read more...]

Can A Psychopath’s Brain Teach Us Anything About Justice?

Let's say you read about a man who had broken into an apartment and, upon being surprised by a young woman living there, proceeded to rape her and then stab her to death. What should happen to him? I doubt anyone would say that he doesn't deserve the full extent of the law -- if not the death penalty, then at least a life sentence in the harshest, most secure prison available to prevent him from ever hurting another soul.But what if you found out that this same man had grown up in a terrible … [Read more...]

The Death of an Evil Man

I was hoisting my bike up on my shoulder in preparation to climb three flights of stairs. A freshman about to do a “how-to” speech on mountain biking to my Speech 101 class, I was running late. I turned to jog up the stairs and ran into my buddy Dan. Dan: “Hey man. Have you seen the news today?”Me: “No why?”Dan: “Someone flew a plane into the World Trade Center.”Me: “What? One of the twin towers in New York?”Dan: “Yeah, its all over the news, they are trying to evacuate all the people, t … [Read more...]

Is this "Justice"?

According to this CNN article, Valerie Hunter, the widow of the IRS employee killed in last week’s airplane crash in Austin, TX, is suing Cheryl Stack, the widow of the airplane’s pilot, for negligence, among other things.Let me start by saying that while I have never experienced the sudden and tragic loss of a spouse, I can empathize a little bit. As a seventeen year old high school senior, I watched my mom deal with the sudden death of my father to leukemia. So I first want to express my sym … [Read more...]