Three Reasons Not to Buy Your Kid a Brightly Colored iPhone (Sorry, Kids)

Along with the new iPhone 5s,  Apple released another iPhone, the 5c that will feature plastic backings, which makes them a lot more affordable and accessible to a broader audience. As cool as that is for some of us, a lot of parents who've been playing the "we can't afford it" card with their kids in order to keep them at bay, will be out one more excuse to put off buying their youngsters a smart-phone.So what are parents supposed to do? Do you get the kid an iPhone? You're kind of ap … [Read more...]

Picking the Best Christian Music for Your Kids Isn’t Easy

Back before we had children, I imagined that I would be one of those cool parents, the kind whose kids listen only to indie music and request obscure hipster bands by name. And while it’s true that we sometimes have dance parties to Motown classics, and that my kids have at times sung along to Sufjan (“suf-ee-yan, follow your heart...”),  I have to confess that I’m not the cool parent I dreamed of being.  In fact, my son is so deep into the kids’ Christian music scene that he not only has favorit … [Read more...]