Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong-un are BFFs. How Nice.

I would like to nominate Dennis Rodman and the crew of VICE media as the next recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize. They have successfully done what no other Americans can claim to have done: They have wined and dined with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un after sharing an unforgettable evening of friendly basketball diplomacy together.Who could suppress a smile after seeing the heartwarming photographs of Rodman and Kim laughing heartily side by side at an exhibition game of North Korean and … [Read more...]

Kim Jong Un: Sexiest Man Alive (or, We’re Not Here to Judge, China)

The Onion has finally done it. I am pretty sure that this was the plan of the Onion and all of its content for the last decade.  Last week the Onion released a piece, in classic Oniony fashion, naming North Korean supervillian/supreme leader/newlywed Kim Jong Un the sexiest man alive.Most Onion readers didn’t think much more about it than when they reported on the tragic car accident that sadly, did not kill Glenn Beck. But the People’s Daily, China’s state run, communist mouthpiece report … [Read more...]