The CaPC Lance Armstrong Roundup

Last night, Lance Armstrong sent shockwaves around the world with his confession to Oprah.Maybe shockwaves is too strong of a word. Ripple? No—still too much. I’m going with flutter, because, really, we’ve all known for some time now that Armstrong was guilty of something. We just didn’t know exactly what.Here at CaPC, our writers have watched the Armstrong story unfold, offering insights to why our heroes fall and why competitors are pressured to cheat. In case you missed them along the … [Read more...]

Invisible Ethics in the Tour de France

On Sunday, July 15th, riders in the 99th Tour de France faced an unexpected challenge as they began their ascent in stage 14, the Mur de Peguere: someone had covered the road with tacks, affecting over 30 riders. One crash claimed Croatian rider Robert Kiserlovski, who left the race with a broken collarbone. Eventual winner Bradley Wiggins made a precautionary bike change and defending champion Cadel Evans suffered three flat tires that nearly removed him from contention in the race. Wiggins, … [Read more...]

The Holy Huddle: Lance and Roger, Ethics and Legality, Competition and Fairness

Each week in The Holy Huddle, Doug Hankins takes a look at the goings on of the sports world from a distinctly Christian perspective. Roger Clemens. Lance Armstrong.Texans. Hall of Famers. Transcendent athletes. Cheaters.Allegedly.In the past week, the sports world has discovered more details in the grand narrative of these two sports luminaries. This past Monday Clemens was acquitted of six counts of perjury and obstruction of justice charges in federal court. Armstrong was recently barr … [Read more...]