Words We Used Too Much in 2012

Each year, a handful of words receive extra attention from us. They're used and used and used some more -- in interviews and articles and news reports -- until they're used one time too many. That’s when the latest buzzword goes from darling to pesky.Sources say the following words have become rather threadbare during 2012. For this compilation, I looked to Philip Corbett -- who reports these occurrences in his After Deadline blog at The New York Times -- and Michigan’s Lake Superior State Un … [Read more...]

Modern Family’s Cussing Controversy

Every week in The Kiddy Pool, Erin Newcomb confronts one of many issues that parents must deal with related to popular culture.This week, Modern Family broadcast a controversial episode in which two-year-old character Lily drops the “f-bomb” (http://insidetv.ew.com/2012/01/18/modern-family-f-word/). The ABC sitcom airs Wednesdays at 9pm (at least in EST), but the episode raised the ire of protest groups before show-time even rolled around. Both the Parents Television Council and a stud … [Read more...]

Mixed Signals: The American Heritage Dictionary Says Words Still Matter

Mixed Signals is Erin Straza’s weekly musing about marketing miscellany in advertising, branding, and messaging.It’s been said that actions speak louder than words. Our words fall flat when our actions aren’t aligned with the tongue. But that doesn’t mean words have no value. Our deeds fall just as flat when our words do not support and define the work of the hands.A new campaign for the launch of the fifth edition of the American Heritage Dictionary (AHD) stresses the power of words to defi … [Read more...]