The Minority Report: Is YOLO Worth Redeeming?

Every Tuesday in The Minority Report, Drew Dixon takes a look at trends in youth culture and offers some biblical wisdom for navigating them.I recently took the high school graduates in my church on their senior trip. These students had been very active at our church, serving both the student ministry and the wider church body and so I wanted to reward with a special trip of their own choosing. During the trip, my wife and I learned about the new phrase that was going around, "YOLO" which … [Read more...]

When Christians Listen to Rap

I like First Things' "On The Square" blog quite a bit. Even when I disagree with an article there, I still find it well-written, nuanced, and thought-provoking. But then I come across an article like Christopher Walker's "Be Wary What You Listen To" and I just have to shake my head.Walker, a secondary school teacher, asked his students to introduce him to songs that they "deemed worthy of appreciation" (an interesting exercise and one that I think more adults ought to do from time to time). … [Read more...]