Why Do We Love Lists? Umberto Eco Will Tell You Why

It’s 2012 list time here at CaPC. We’ve created lists of our favorite movies, games, music, graphic novels, and television shows from the past year. Why do we do this?Umberto Eco says it’s an act that’s part culture-making, part death-defying. His analysis was given in an interview with Der Spiegel which was then covered by Rebecca Rosen at The Atlantic: “The list doesn't destroy culture; it creates it. Wherever you look in cultural history, you will find lists. In fact, there is a dizzying … [Read more...]

Always Settle Scores at Noon

Robert Fulford at the National Post takes an amusing look at the lessons learned at the movies. While I might quibble with a few, they're fun. What are some lessons you have learned at the movies? Here's one: If two people are arguing and one says something REALLY insightful and emotional, the argument instantly ends and some serious bonding immediately follows. What else? … [Read more...]