In Light of Macklemore’s Same Love, the Church is Called to a Different Love

A church choir, stained glass windows, and an altar decorated the background of one of the most daring spectacles in TV history. During the Grammy performance of “Same Love” by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis featuring Mary Lampert, Queen Latifah officiated thirty-three weddings, many of which were for same-sex couples. The religious message was loud and clear: this is how church should be.Madonna’s appearance for the post-ceremony entertainment was no surprise. Her music is notoriously infused wit … [Read more...]

The Feedback Loop: The Politics and Theology of Macklemore

The Feedback Loop is a weekly column by Luke Larsen that seeks to find God amidst the newest trends in both mainstream music and independent music.A single listen of his debut studio album and one thing is clear: Macklemore isn't your typical rapper.His songs don't usually begin with big beats and blaring synthesizers. Even his big singles usually start with something much more subtle--more vulnerable--more daring. A few spoken words or a distant piano. A somber group of horns … [Read more...]