My Son’s Martin Luther King Day Question: “Daddy, Can We Teach the Bad Guys Goodness?”

  My five-year-old recently reminded me, quite emphatically, that he didn't have school on Monday because of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. He was, of course, simply excited to have a day off from kindergarten. But this seemed to be a perfect “teachable moment,” so I sat my kids down to tell them a little bit about the holiday’s namesake. But where do you start with someone like King?I suppose starting with the evils he fought against is as good a place as any. And so I told them that there we … [Read more...]

Unjust Laws: MLK and Contraceptive Mandates

Last week, in the guise of celebrating one man's legacy, the nation took a day to solemnize our formal commitment to equality before the law. Blacks in this country have suffered much, finally gaining their freedom only to be hunted like animals in some places. I understand that the beneficiaries of and successors to the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. look to him as an icon, a martyr in the struggle for civil rights. I would be a sentimental fool if I pretended I was somehow part of that e … [Read more...]