Ocean’s 11, 1944: Sorting through the Jumble of THE MONUMENTS MEN

 Picture this: It’s 1941 in Paris, and a young SS commander named Stahl has forced his way into the apartment of a French art curator to notify her that her brother was found to be working for the French Resistance and summarily shot. The curator works for the commander at a museum where Stahl oversees the city’s art collections and picks out the best pieces for shipment back to the Fatherland. He threatens the curator that if he finds her allegiance to lie with the Resistance she to … [Read more...]

A Dubious Review of Matt Damon’s New Film about Fracking

Washington Times writer Joy Overbeck lambasted Matt Damon's new film, The Promised Land, as little more than ill-founded propaganda meant to turn public opinion against hydraulic fracturing (better known as fracking). The problems with her review are numerous.Here is Overbeck's central criticism against the film: The funniest thing about the movie is, all the evidence Mr. Damon planned to use against fracking imploded. First Hollywood celebrities trooped to little Dimock, Pa., to bring fre … [Read more...]