CAPC Podcast #4: Hot Pockets, Steven Furtick’s Elevation Church, The Beats Music App

Listen here.Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday we discuss a wide range of topics and provide the kind of perspectives you've grown to love from our stable of thoughtful, talented writers and editors. Please consider subscribing, enjoying, and reviewing the show, all of which you can do just a few clicks away in iTunes.Today, Editor-in-Chief Richard Clark is joined by Staff Writers Brad Williams and Nick Rynerson to discuss the mysteries of what goes inside the now-recalled Hot Pockets, S … [Read more...]

Mixed Signals: McDonald's, Photoshop, and Why We're Lovin' It

Mixed Signals is Erin Straza’s weekly musing about marketing miscellany in advertising, branding, and messaging.Psst. Have you heard?McDonald’s is coming clean.That delicious burger you see in its ads? The one with the cheese melting and the mustard and ketchup dripping?It’s not your average McDonald’s hamburger. All the components are the same—bun, burger, condiments—but the execution of a drive-through burger is nothing compared to the rigorous assembly of a burger heading to advertisi … [Read more...]

What Memes Mean: #Shamrocking McDonald's Attempt at Forcing Meme

Each Wednesday in What Memes Mean, Kirk Bozeman questions the significance, humor, and subtexts of viral videos, memes, and other Internet fads.Did you hear about #Shamrocking? No?Fast food conglomerate McDonald’s recently tried to fabricate a meme in support of their seasonal green-colored, mint-flavored Shamrock Shake, posting a sponsored article on the site Taking hints from “Planking” and “Tebowing,” the attempted meme was a typical post-a-pic venture involving a person hold … [Read more...]