How Should Harlem (And the Rest Of Us) React to the Harlem Shake?

If you've been on Facebook at all in the last week or two, then you've probably seen at least one "Harlem Shake" video. The meme, which has gone viral in recent weeks (with approximately 115,000 videos on YouTube as of this writing), consists of someone (usually wearing a funny helmet) dancing by themselves in a room full of people while Baauer's "Harlem Shake" plays. Then, at about the half-way point, the song announces "Then do the Harlem shake" and everybody else joins in with their own … [Read more...]

The Minority Report: Is YOLO Worth Redeeming?

Every Tuesday in The Minority Report, Drew Dixon takes a look at trends in youth culture and offers some biblical wisdom for navigating them.I recently took the high school graduates in my church on their senior trip. These students had been very active at our church, serving both the student ministry and the wider church body and so I wanted to reward with a special trip of their own choosing. During the trip, my wife and I learned about the new phrase that was going around, "YOLO" which … [Read more...]

What Memes Mean: Pascal, LOLcats, And Distraction

Each Wednesday in What Memes Mean, Kirk Bozeman questions the significance, humor, and subtexts of viral videos, memes, and other Internet fads.Any discussion of the spiritual disciplines that I have ever been part of has inevitably emphasized a major problem for the modern spiritual life: distraction. This is fair. Constant noise, media, and anxiety hinder our study, thinking, and prayer, and often just waste our time.But because of this sort of talk, distraction gets a bad rap. I’d argue t … [Read more...]