Eat Your Vegetables: "Roger & Me" (Moore, 1989)

Each week in Eat Your Vegetables, Jonathan Sircy shares the benefit and appeal of some of the culture’s more inaccessible or intimidating artifacts.Cultural Vegetable of the Week: Roger & Me (Michael Moore; 1989) Nutritional Value: Your daily required dose of class-war polemic“It was truly the dawn of a new era.” Michael Moore’s last words of narration for the film.This film gives us a first glimpse of a young raconteur in action. Michael Moore bumbles and stumbles his way into a hornet … [Read more...]

Does Capitalism: A Love Story = Christianity: An Economic Revolution?

My first Michael Moore movie was fraught with highs and lows: he does impressive documentary work (when he stops talking), but that covers maybe a third of the movie.  He also highlights good examples of unconventional business practices, but they do not really prove his larger points.One of the especially useless parts was his apparent effort to convince Christians that capitalism is morally evil.  He does this with the following (paraphrased) argument:  Two priests I know (from Flint!) and th … [Read more...]