Mike Huckabee, Helpless Women, and Straw Men

In The Moral Landscape, atheist Sam Harris writes that much research on deductive reasoning suggests that people have a “bias” for sound conclusions and will judge a valid argument to be invalid if its conclusion lacks credibility. Mike Huckabee’s speech to the Republican National Committee winter meeting last Thursday brought Harris’s words to mind. In what may have been a strategic effort to stoke speculation about his potential candidacy in the next presidential election, Huckabee took on the … [Read more...]

Is Sandy Hook a Sign that We need a Christian Culture? Or a Savior?

When tragedies like Sandy Hook happen, everyone looks at the event to find evidence to support their vision of the Good Life. For some, it was a sign that we need tighter gun control, while for others, a sign that we need looser gun control, or better mental health, or better school security. According to Rachel Held Evans, it's a sign to Mike Huckabee that God abandons school children when prayer is taken out of school -- and she dramatically dismisses Huckabee's words as "bullshit". Only, … [Read more...]

Not Fit for Dinner: Welcoming Mormonism into the Fold

Each Friday in Not Fit for Dinner, C. Ryan Knight explores political issues and the preconceptions guiding our understanding of and responses to them.By many accounts, one of the primary goals of this year’s Republican National Convention was to re-introduce Mitt Romney to his own party, and America at large, in an attempt to increase the likelihood of his being elected to the White House.In trying to cast Romney in a new light, some speakers have carefully broached the waters of Romney’s Mor … [Read more...]

Chuck Norris can kill you with his eyebrows. Vote Huckabee!

Chuck Norris can divide by zero, cure cancer with his tears, sneeze with his eyes open, and tell you who would should be president. Entertainers have long been a major part of politics, from endorsements to running for office (I actually live in a state where the star of Conan the Barbarian is governor). The reasoning behind the overlapping of politics and entertainment seems to go something like this:"While we are not experienced or trained in any way to hold office, or knowledgeable … [Read more...]

Forget Dumbledore’s Army

Alex and Brett Harris of "The Rebelution" encourage young evangelicals to join Huck's Army. … [Read more...]

The CNN-YouTube Republican Debate: How Mike Huckabee Got it Wrong

Last night's CNN-Youtube debate was fascinating for a number of reasons. One was the moment that a sarcastic-looking kid basically asked a question about biblical inerrancy and the following took place:I loved the fact that they went straight to Giuliani first. We saw him squirm a little, and Huckabee did a good job of pointing out the heathen elephant in the room by asking "Do I need to help you out a little here?" He gave a good answer that could have been heard a bunch of different ways. … [Read more...]