A Veteran’s Thoughts on Veterans Day

Service to one’s country through the various military branches is an honorable thing. The branches act, under the government's authority, to preserve the peace and to protect the citizenry from threats foreign and domestic. They are servants, not unlike police officers or firefighters, who are willing to risk their lives for the country and for a paycheck.At the risk of offense, I want to say that no one would serve in the military for very long if they didn't get paid. Not unless there was a … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE Does The Military Need To Wage War On Porn?

The U.S. military's growing sexual assault scandal has grown increasingly grim in recent months and years. How can the military fight this growing problem? Two officers believe that a good place to start is by attacking and dealing with the growing rate of pornography addiction within the ranks. … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: More Evidence Of The Military’s Sexual Assault Problem

Sexual assault is a significant problem within our military, as Lauren Rambo discussed earlier this year. And two recent events serve only as reminders of just how big the problem is. Wired recently acquired a copy of an Air Force brochure on sexual assault that states that, in some cases, it's better to submit to the attacker. And earlier this week, the Air Force's chief of sexual prevention was arrested and charged with sexual battery. The Pentagon estimates that 26,000 cases of sexual assault … [Read more...]

Unplanned Pregnancies in the Military on the Rise

The epidemic of sexual assault on women in the military has far-reaching effects beyond just harming the victim. It damages the military's reputation, discourages potential female recruits from joining, and creates an atmosphere of hostility and repression. Perhaps the most conflicted consequence of sexual assault is the potential for unwanted pregnancies.In CNN's article on a recent study, authors Dr. Daniel Grossman and Kate Grindlay note that the 11% unplanned pregnancy rate in the … [Read more...]