Money Can’t Buy Happiness but It Can Give You Depression

Every U.S. citizen knows that by law we have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Although it isn’t stated in our Constitution, most Americans also add in the pursuit of the American Dream for good measure. We see the amassing and usage of wealth as a way to have the life, liberty, and happiness that is promised.Wealth, however, isn’t always content to give us our rights. We may pursue it, but it promises us nothing, and oftentimes, it takes more than we expected. At lea … [Read more...]

How (and Why) I Cut the Cable

Just over three and a half years ago my wife and I moved into an apartment complex that offered cable television as an amenity. It was great while it lasted. December 31 of 2009 was the end of the free ride. We quickly realized it was going to cost some serious coin to continue the setup we had. So come 2010 we had a choice to make: pay $47.99 (plus fees and taxes) for standard cable + $14.98 for DVR + $43.99 for high speed internet or cut back. Essentially we’d be paying around $120/month for t … [Read more...]

Grapes of Wrath? The Economy of Relative Feeling

I recently joined a book club, and our next book is, "The Grapes of Wrath," by John Steinbeck. Most interesting was the reason for choosing this particular book; the choosers felt, "it would be especially relevant to our time and situation." In other words, they felt the many parallels between our time and the events depicted in the book warranted close consideration.Of course, the title for the book comes from the Christian hymn "Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory," which uses martial terms to … [Read more...]