The Moviegoer: "Moneyball" and the Art of Reinvention

Bennett Miller’s adaptation of Michael Lewis’ 2003 book, Moneyball, is the story of the 2002 Oakland Athletics and General Manager Billy Beane’s (Brad Pitt) reinventing the path to success in Major League Baseball. Because of the hordes of money that teams like the New York Yankees have at their disposal to attract quality players, small market teams like Beane’s A's have seemingly no chance of making the playoffs—let alone winning the World Series. But with the help of Yale-educated, statistic … [Read more...]

A Child-like Faith in a Freakonomics World

I want you to imagine a beautiful building.  Inside, chubby young data analysts lecture sixty year old baseball executives on drafting strategy.  Homeless people are invited to come in for a meal, but before receiving food they are given a twenty-question survey by a grave old economist.  Nooks and crannies in the aesthetically pleasing walls have displays (shrines?) about things like the iPad and Excel 2010.  The bulletin advertises the upcoming TED talks, the sermon is delivered by a skinny Can … [Read more...]