Movieguide: Rejecting God Leads to Murder by “Soulless Meat Machines”

In light of something as horrible as the Sandy Hook shooting, it's not surprising that people want to know the reasons why something like this happened -- presumably so they can prevent it from happening again. Shortly after the shooting, Mike Huckabee made some comments about a cause that received no small amount of attention and criticism, including some from CAPC's very own Alan Noble.And now, Ted Baehr and Tom Snyder -- the folks behind Movieguide, a popular movie review site that has r … [Read more...]

Movieguide gets the Last Word

Not too long ago, Alan Noble wrote an article about Movieguide's Faith and Value awards. Tom Snyder, Movieguide's editor responded with a defense of Movieguide and their practices. This set in motion a week devoted to addressing some of the claims and assumptions in Tom's response. However, we wanted Tom to have the last word, so we gave him the opportunity to answer the following questions. They're provided here for you completely unedited. Thanks to Tom for taking the time to humor us.Who … [Read more...]

What Makes a Film "Good"? editor, Tom Snyder writes:"Here, in these stats, we are not only judging production and aesthetic quality plus entertainment values, but actual content and worldview. Thus, SEPTEMBER DAWN, THE LAST SIN EATER and BEYOND THE GATES did not make the cut of the Top 20 movies for families or mature audiences, which is content driven and age appropriate driven first, then quality second (for instance, I am personally not a fan of BELLA quality wise and thought other movies made similar … [Read more...]

What Does Philippians 4:8 Really Mean?

Editor of Movieguide, Tom Snyder writes:"Alan Noble’s biblical exegesis here is poor..."and..."Regarding his Old testament verses, Jesus Christ has overcome the world and our duty is to preach the Great Commission and transform the world (we are ecumenical Evangelical Bible-believing Christians at MOVIEGUIDE®, so we do not buy into the doom and gloom approach of Dispensationalism, which is a controversial end-times construct that is a very recent addition to Christian theology with di … [Read more...]

Reviewing the Critics: Can We Trust Secular Film Critics?

Editor of Movieguide, Tom Snyder writes,"Just because the secular movie critics and secular elites in Hollywood don’t like some of the movies we pick does not mean that they are really bad movies within the categories in which we pick them. In that sense, ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS was a very entertaining, uplifting family movie that kids would enjoy. The mainstream critics trashed it, but the American audience, many of whom still have strong vestiges of their Christian heritage, even though not a … [Read more...]

Movieguide: "Alan, You're Wrong!" and CAPC Responds

On Friday, we published a post called "Whatever is Pure" by Alan Noble about Movieguide's Faith and Values Awards. You'll want to go ahead and look over that to get the full context.To our surprise, the first comment was a response from Movieguide themselves, particularly from their editor, Tom Snyder. While we have some issues with the tone of the response, we have decided to publish it in full at the end of this post, in order to give them a sort of equal opportunity.After reading Tom's … [Read more...]

Whatever is Pure: Movieguide's Faith and Value Awards

"Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things." (Phil 4:8)Last week, Ted Baehr and the folks over at held their 16th annual Faith and Values Awards Gala. The show is dedicated to awarding the best family-friendly films of the year and the best films for mature audiences. In addition, every year … [Read more...]