ELSEWHERE: The “Netflix for Books” Has Arrived

Netflix has changed the way that we consume movies and TV. No longer do we purchase DVDs; instead, we can stream everything we watch for one low price. And now, thanks to the newly announced Oyster service, we can do the same thing with books. For $9.95/month, you have access to 100,000 titles, with many more to come. Forbes' Steven Bertoni has more info. … [Read more...]

How Spotify and other Streaming Services Create Legal Artist Sweatshops

Online streaming and downloading services have changed my life. Unfortunately, they've also saddled me with a great deal of guilt. The foremost example of my emotionally distressed relationship with Internet technology is Spotify. Before discovering Spotify several years ago, I was stuck in what you might call a "musical quagmire." I didn't like what I heard on the radio, and because I went through a years-long phase of listening to only "Christian" music following my conversion, I lost track of … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: More Original Material Is Coming From Netflix

In its continuing efforts to become less dependent on other companies (i.e., movie and television studios) for its content, Netflix is seeking to create more original content. Earlier this year, the company rolled out House of Cards and the revived Arrested Development, and now they've struck a deal with DreamWorks Animation. Which gives them new content and, perhaps more importantly, increased name recognition with younger viewers. … [Read more...]

Out With the Old? Netflix and Rethinking Film

"I'm not interested in this movie. It's old."As a part time high school substitute, I've heard many students express this sentiment when I've played them a video left by their teacher. One popular variant goes, "But it's in black and white!" For many of these kids, films are viewed more like newspapers than drama, music, or literature: the movie is only good when it is fresh off the presses.Of course, there are notable exceptions to this. Some films like Star Wars and Indiana Jones have an … [Read more...]