Racists Pig Racing?: Why Christians are Obligated to be Discerning on the Internet

A month or so ago, someone sent me the following video in an e-mail, which I posted in my column this Monday with the question, "As Christians, what are we to do with this?"http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=dUr1NxJDC94via YouTube - pig race mosque pt 2.Several parts of this news report are peculiar, as various commenters pointed out to me in response to my column. There is the strange laughter on the Fox set which can be heard at the beginning of the video, the … [Read more...]

Is this "Justice"?

According to this CNN article, Valerie Hunter, the widow of the IRS employee killed in last week’s airplane crash in Austin, TX, is suing Cheryl Stack, the widow of the airplane’s pilot, for negligence, among other things.Let me start by saying that while I have never experienced the sudden and tragic loss of a spouse, I can empathize a little bit. As a seventeen year old high school senior, I watched my mom deal with the sudden death of my father to leukemia. So I first want to express my sym … [Read more...]

The Science of Violence in Mice and Men

A few days ago a news article ran on the front page of Yahoo which reported on a recent scientific study. The research claims to show that mice - and by extension humans - naturally take pleasure in violence. Researchers taught a mouse to press a button if he wanted another male mouse to be released into his cage. They found that the mouse would consistently call for the intruder and then fight him, suggesting that the violence is viewed as a reward. The conclusion that is drawn is that humans, … [Read more...]