Where are humanists when it hurts?

Writing for the New York Times, Samuel G. Freedman is asking how humanists can and should respond to tragedies like the recent school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. The funerals and burials over the past two weeks have taken place in Catholic, Congregational, Mormon and United Methodist houses of worship, among others. They have been held in Protestant megachurches and in a Jewish cemetery. A black Christian youth group traveled from Alabama to perform “Amazing Grace” at several of the ser … [Read more...]

Movieguide: Rejecting God Leads to Murder by “Soulless Meat Machines”

In light of something as horrible as the Sandy Hook shooting, it's not surprising that people want to know the reasons why something like this happened -- presumably so they can prevent it from happening again. Shortly after the shooting, Mike Huckabee made some comments about a cause that received no small amount of attention and criticism, including some from CAPC's very own Alan Noble.And now, Ted Baehr and Tom Snyder -- the folks behind Movieguide, a popular movie review site that has r … [Read more...]

Gossiping About a Mass Murderer

When something as tragic and horrible as the recent school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut occurs, our natural response is to try and comprehend it, to try and grasp its magnitude. We want to know what happened, how it happened, and why. Theories and ideas are tossed around, and as more details come to light, we latch on to them and see how they fit into our pre-existing narratives for the event. We want to make sense of the senseless, to find some order in the chaos.Unfortunately, in that r … [Read more...]