Why The New Pope Shouldn’t Listen to Obama’s Advice

Obama isn't the most precise theologian. Nor should that be expected of him--he's only a politician after all.In a recent interview before the selection of the new Pope Francis, President Obama was asked about his thoughts on the incoming pope. He expressed his hope that the next Holy Father would be faithful to what he considers the "central message of the Gospel." Admirable sentiment. I think we should all hope for a pope who loves the Gospel. The question we have to ask ourselves is: what … [Read more...]

The Naked Racism of an Obama America

America is more racially divided today than when Obama took office. In this feature, Alan Noble explores the causes of this division and why it may be a good thing. Whatever you think of Barack Obama's presidency, the first African American to hold the highest office in the land has dramatically changed the way we view race in our country--or, at least, what it is acceptable to say about race in public.As a people who believe that all humans are made in the image of God, that before Christ … [Read more...]

What can Focus on the Family’s Letter from 2012 tell Us about Obama?

Fred Clark at Slacktivist and Libby Anne at Love, Joy, Feminism have reminded us of that curious and tasteless "Letter" Focus on the Family sent out during the 2008 elections warning us of the grave dangers we might face if Obama was elected president. The fictional letter from a Christian writing in October of 2012 describes how terrible everything is because of the ultra-liberal Obama. It lists 34 ways Obama has ruined America, everything from the abolishing of decency laws to the banning of … [Read more...]

How Should Christians Think About Gay Marriage?

Most days, I’m glad you can’t see the discussions that go on between Christ and Pop Culture's writers. They tend to consist of teasing, arguing, teasing, complaining about life and culture in general, teasing, countless inside jokes, and the occasional substantial conversation. It can be a little overwhelming. When I come home from work (where the ongoing conversation is unavailable to me), I often have to set aside over half an hour just to catch up on the flow of conversation from the day… and  … [Read more...]

Obamacare, the Supreme Court, and the Darkness of Hearts

In the future, we will look at March 27, 2012 as a pivotal moment in our country’s healthcare debate. The Supreme Court listened to arguments on the individual mandate and to be frank, Obama is going to want this one back. Most experts felt confirmation of the mandate was all but certain. Now, though, it hangs more precariously than ever before.But the debate is interesting for more than discussion of a legal precedent. It forces us to face questions about who we are as citizens, as moral a … [Read more...]

On the Other Hand: The View From the Top

Each week in On the Other Hand, Ben Bartlett defies the common wisdom and identifies the other side of the story of cultural hot-topic issues. CNN has a great article about the context in which decisions about killing Osama Bin Laden were made. Just think: this raid was originally set to go on the same day Obama had to yuck it up with a bunch of reporters, teasing about birth certificates and Mitt Romney's health care plan.  Planning happened on days he was having talks about nuclear disasters o … [Read more...]

Citizenship Confusion: Guantánamo Files

Every Monday in Citizenship Confusion, Alan Noble discusses how we confuse our heavenly citizenship with citizenship to the state, culture, and the world.This morning, The New York Times released several reports on "[a] trove of more than 700 classified military documents" concerning prisoners in Guantánamo Bay." Last year these files were leaked to WikiLeaks, and someone with access to them at WikiLeaks just recently passed them along to The New York Times. naturally, the Obama administration … [Read more...]

Looking Forward: Politics in 2009

Many Christians remain on the defensive in response to the culture around them, pointing out dangers and condemning anything that makes us uncomfortable. We find warning and condemnation to be a valid position, but not a valid default position. In order to demonstrate an alternative, we thought we’d demonstrate what it’s like to give popular culture the benefit of the doubt.All this week, the writers at Christ and Pop Culture will be playing the role of evangelist for some of the things we’re mos … [Read more...]

Bare-Knuckled Pro-life Bishops

Ok, so we all know I'm viewed as the Great Ninny by Christians for voting Obama, because it was felt I simply ignored the abortion issue.  However, I heartily applaud America's Catholic Bishops threatening to close their hospitals if the Freedom of Choice Act is signed.  This is one of the most hard-core, grand-scale, bare-knuckle political moves I've seen in a long time and I can't help but love it. … [Read more...]

Pro-Life Strategy

One of my key arguments, as a Christian who voted for Obama, is that the pro-life crowd needs to focus on things other than winning elections... things like support for pregnant teen mothers, free ultrasounds in abortion clinics, etc. Well, it looks like those ideas may be coming to pass! I'm definitely curious about what Christians who think you "cannot vote for a pro-choice candidate" think of this development. … [Read more...]