During the Olympics, Russian Christians Work for Reform and Revival

The Sochi Games were mired in controversy before they even began.It wasn’t supposed to be that way. The first Russian Games since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Sochi was supposed to show the world just how far Russia has come in the last 23 years. It was supposed to change the perception of Russia held by those whose international sympathies were forged during the Cold War. Yet, as reports of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s exorbitant spending came to light (at $51 billion, the Sochi G … [Read more...]

Boycotting For Sport: Why The Olympics Must Go On

Throughout the history of the modern Olympic Games, both democracies and dictatorships have hosted the Games. National leaders spanning the ideological spectrum -- everyone from Adolph Hitler to Ronald Reagan -- have hosted the Games, and that isn’t about to change anytime soon. Case in point: Russia’s Vladimir Putin.It doesn’t take much research to know that Putin is not beloved internationally. He’s been called a dictator, a tsar, and a bully. I usually don’t concern myself with politics wh … [Read more...]

Mo Farah Responds with Grace to Awkward Interview

Distance-running phenom Mo Farah—the Brit who just won double Gold (5,000M / 10,000M) at the 2012 London Games—has likely run countless races and been interviewed countless times over the course of his career. I’m guessing that eventually the post-race interview gets to be rather typical. Even routine.But the interview he experienced this past weekend after winning the half marathon in the New Orleans Rock 'n' Roll Marathon series was anything but typical or routine.After clocking a new c … [Read more...]

The Televangelists: NBC's Olympics coverage could be so much better

Each Friday in The Televangelists, one of our writers examines the met and missed potential of television.I'm going through withdrawal. After two weeks of reveling in the Olympics, I've returned back to "normal" life where gold medals, world records, and inspirational feats of human strength and prowess are few and far between. I might have to fire up my DVR every so often during the next few weeks to get another little fix... at least, until the 2014 Winter Games commence. Unfortunately, this … [Read more...]

Mixed Signals: Nike Redefines Greatness

Mixed Signals is Erin Straza’s weekly musing about marketing miscellany in advertising, branding, and messaging.It was sort of sad, really—the bungled attempts the International Olympic Committee (IOC) made to ensure their select sponsors received the bulk of the spotlight during the London games. The athletes were forced into a two-week blackout period, restricting them from any mention of unofficial sponsors. And unofficial sponsors were in no way allowed to benefit from Olympic-themed mes … [Read more...]

The Kiddy Pool: Olympic Parenting

Every week in The Kiddy Pool, Erin Newcomb confronts one of many issues that parents must deal with related to popular culture.On the court, Kerri Walsh-Jennings is a fierce competitor with 2 Olympic gold medals and 4 World Championship medals (3 gold, 1 silver). Between her victory in 2008 in Beijing and her bid for another medal in London, Walsh-Jennings gave birth to two sons, Joey and Sundance. While I watched Walsh-Jennings tear up the sand this week, the announcers kept her story … [Read more...]

The Holy Huddle: Ye Shiwen and the Kangaroo Court of Public Opinion

Each week in The Holy Huddle, various CaPC writers take a look at the goings on of the sports world from a distinctly Christian perspective. My wife and I love the Olympics. I love the opening ceremonies; I love the parade of nations; I love the drama and even the NBC–manufactured melodrama. As a person who is a mediocre athlete at best, I have tremendous admiration for the hard work and dedication these athletes display to get to the Olympian level. I truly love it. The Olympics, to me, are an … [Read more...]

The Kiddy Pool: Raising an Olympian

Every week in The Kiddy Pool, Erin Newcomb confronts one of many issues that parents must deal with related to popular culture.As I watched the parade of nations on Friday evening, I noticed how many athletes there were. Athletes who will not advance to the finals of their events. Athletes with no real chance of medaling. Athletes who are, in some cases, the only representative of their country, or who keep company with only a handful of compatriots. The Olympic motto of “stronger, higher, fa … [Read more...]