Why Christians Shouldn't Write Off The Occupy Movement

Though it’s strapped for cash and coming out of hibernation, the Occupy Wall Street movement continues to press on, six months after its fiery start on September 17 of last year. The resurgence of the movement is a chance for Christians to enter into fruitful dialogue about Christian parallels to the movement, as well as the spiritual insights derived from the protests.It seems as though most Christians paid attention to the movement for roughly the first month, made up their mind that the mov … [Read more...]

Not Fit for Dinner: May Day and the Danger of Violence

Each Friday in Not Fit for Dinner, C. Ryan Knight explores political issues and the preconceptions guiding our understanding of and responses to them.The most recent May Day renewed debate about the place of violence in social movements like Occupy Wall Street. Emerging from their hibernation, Occupiers expressed hope that the movement’s May Day protests would be invigorating and launch an American Spring—a hope that some have said fizzled after disappointing results. (This criticism has not … [Read more...]