Page CXVI’s Christmas Album Helped Me Channel the Spirit of Advent

Just as I have for the last few years on Black Friday, as others flitted about catching deals (and still others Jesus-juked them online), I began my spiritual discipline for Advent: listening to Christmas music. It started one year when I noticed that Christmas came and went without much of a fuss in my life. Of course I knew it was important. I probably understood it better on a spiritual level than I ever had. Still, the real experience of the season—preparing my heart, slowing down, and dwe … [Read more...]

CaPC Playlist: Kacey Musgraves, Sho Baraka, Woodkid, Page CXVI, Jamie N. Commons and Deer Tick

Brief thoughts on songs that are on CaPC writer's playlists. You can check out this week's playlist on Spotify here:"Merry Go 'Round" - Kacey MusgravesAmy Lepine Peterson had these thoughts on this catchy song: "I like the idea of 'same hurt in every heart... same trailer, different park' and the way the song explores all the ways we seek to 'buy a little more distraction' from the hurt. … [Read more...]