ELSEWHERE: Regarding The Brilliance of “Parks and Recreation”

Parks and Recreation has recently replaced Community -- which, let's be honest, has had a very disappointing fourth season -- as my favorite TV comedy, and Matt Zoller Seitz does a good job of explaining why. Basically, it all comes down to the fact that "[no] current sitcom does a better job of making simple decency seem integral to the fullest enjoyment of life." Also, it features an epic filibuster by Patton Oswalt regarding the plot of Star Wars: Episode VII. … [Read more...]

Preaching and Preachiness: A Reflection on ‘Parks and Recreation’

If you are wondering what the best sitcom on television is, it is Parks and Recreation. It's one of the few shows that my wife and I watch every week—it's hilarious and surprisingly warm. Consequently, when I saw Russell Moore's article for Christianity Today titled "What Can We Learn About Preaching From Parks and Recreation," as a pastor and a fan of the show, I was doubly curious.The episode in question caricatures a common Christian conservative position on sex education. The episode b … [Read more...]