ELSEWHERE: Regarding The Brilliance of “Parks and Recreation”

Parks and Recreation has recently replaced Community -- which, let's be honest, has had a very disappointing fourth season -- as my favorite TV comedy, and Matt Zoller Seitz does a good job of explaining why. Basically, it all comes down to the fact that "[no] current sitcom does a better job of making simple decency seem integral to the fullest enjoyment of life." Also, it features an epic filibuster by Patton Oswalt regarding the plot of Star Wars: Episode VII. … [Read more...]

Preaching and Preachiness: A Reflection on ‘Parks and Recreation’

parks and rec - sex education

If you are wondering what the best sitcom on television is, it is Parks and Recreation. It's one of the few shows that my wife and I watch every week—it's hilarious and surprisingly warm. Consequently, when I saw Russell Moore's article for Christianity Today titled "What Can We Learn About Preaching From Parks and Recreation," as a pastor and a fan of the show, I was doubly curious.The episode in question caricatures a common Christian conservative position on sex education. The episode b … [Read more...]