Don’t Worry, Vicky (An Open Letter to Victoria’s Secret)

Dear Vicky, I know it’s been a rough week for you.  That blog post about your “Bright Young Things” advertising campaign went viral, and suddenly parents everywhere are freaking out thinking that you want to sell bras and underwear - and a sexy image - to teen and preteen girls.But relax. You’re not doing anything wrong.I mean, first of all, you’re not actually trying to hook the tween market. The Victoria’s Secret PINK line that you’re advertising is a brand designed for college-aged wo … [Read more...]

What Does the Victoria’s Secret PINK Collection Say about Us?

If there is one set of clothing that the word "sexy" does not normally describe, it's probably sweatpants and sweatshirts. Usually unflattering in shape and fit, lackluster in color, and cheap in quality, loungewear has traditionally been saved for a "girl's night in." Victoria's Secret has turned all that around, making lounge wear both comfortable and sexy with its PINK collection.The collection began in 2004, with the intention of targeting females in college and seeking to be fun and p … [Read more...]