Play in Process: The Patient Assassins

Each week in Play in Process, Richard Clark shares what he’s been playing and why it means something to him.It's been out for a while, but I've recently regained interest in the multi-player mode of Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood. Here's my thesis: If you're the kind of person who finds the standard fast-paced, shooter-based multiplayer games overwhelming and or boring, this is for you. Here are some things that set apart Assassin's Creed's multiplayer from any other game:An emphasis on pati … [Read more...]

Play in Process: Saving Dots from Dots week in Play in Process, Richard Clark shares what he's been playing and why it means something to him.Zombie games are incredibly played out. That's the unarguable statement that resulted in me putting off trying even the demo of Atom Zombie Smasher for so long. Now I'm making up for lost time.Atom Zombie Smasher ($15 for PC/Mac - Free demo available) is a fast-paced strategy game where you're forced to hold off a … [Read more...]

Play in Process: Tiny Wings is Nothing Like Angry Birds

My favorite game this week is a 99 cent iPhone game. Believe it or not, it's not nearly as complex as Angry Birds. There is only one thing the player can do: stop flapping. See, in Tiny Wings, you're a bird with little wings, unable to fly far without the help of constant slopes, which the player is tasked to utilize to the best of his ability by landing on them just perfectly. The object is to fly far. That's pretty much it. The farther you fly, the greater your score. (Though, there are some … [Read more...]