Pope Misspoke: How Faith and Goodness Are Tied to One Another

Can men and women be good without God? Pope Francis would say no—God is the source of all that is good. However, it seems that he would not respond the same to this question: Can men and women be good without believing in God? Francis has quickly proven himself far more proficient at public relations than his predecessor. Following the model of Christ, he extends warmness and charity to men and women from all walks of life—the privileged and the marginalized, Easterners and Westerners, tra … [Read more...]

Why The New Pope Shouldn’t Listen to Obama’s Advice

Obama isn't the most precise theologian. Nor should that be expected of him--he's only a politician after all.In a recent interview before the selection of the new Pope Francis, President Obama was asked about his thoughts on the incoming pope. He expressed his hope that the next Holy Father would be faithful to what he considers the "central message of the Gospel." Admirable sentiment. I think we should all hope for a pope who loves the Gospel. The question we have to ask ourselves is: what … [Read more...]