Living in a World of “Little Boys With Their Porno”

Earlier this year, Arcade Fire released their highly anticipated double album Reflektor to considerable fanfare. While much of the subsequent attention has been focused on songs like the title track, "Here Comes The Night Time," and "Afterlife" -- and understandably so -- there's one song on Reflektor that has stuck with me since my earliest listening sessions, but that seems to have flown under most critics' radars: the bluntly titled "Porno.""Porno" begins with slinky synths and disco-lite … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: Against Pornography… in Scandinavia?

I endorse this message to the hotel industry 100%. And to anyone else, for that matter. Hopefully, this is a step in the right direction to stop the de-humanizing effects of pornography. … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: Shorn of Porn

As the English Prime Minister orders blocks to household access to internet pornography, Russell Moore, newly appointed President of the Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, urges Christians to block it from their eyes, minds, and hearts. Pornography erodes marriages, undermines human dignity, and counteracts healthy sensuality. God designed your sexuality for more; read why here. … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE Does The Military Need To Wage War On Porn?

The U.S. military's growing sexual assault scandal has grown increasingly grim in recent months and years. How can the military fight this growing problem? Two officers believe that a good place to start is by attacking and dealing with the growing rate of pornography addiction within the ranks. … [Read more...]

Overcoming the Sexualization of Our Children

What is child pornography? On its face, that seems like a pretty absurd question. Were you ever unfortunate enough to be exposed to child pornography, you would think there would be no mistaking the filth that you were seeing. It would be obvious what it was, and you would obviously be disgusted and horrified by it.But, as Todd Hoffner's bizarre and tragic story shows, it may not always be as obvious as you'd think.In 2012, Hoffner was the celebrated and well-respected coach of Minnesota … [Read more...]

Chronicling Porn’s Damaging Effects

The Internet's increasing ubiquity has led to many good things, but it has had at least one negative side-effect: It has never been easier to access pornography, and massive amounts of it. But how much porn is actually being accessed? Last year, ExtremeTech ran a piece on some of the largest porn sites, to see how much traffic they generate, and the numbers they uncovered were simply staggering. One such site served over 100 million page views a day, which translated into 950 terabytes of data … [Read more...]

Men Like to Look At Naked Girls On The Internet. Here’s Why They Should Stop That.

I had a bit of a personal crisis when I saw this link from The Huffington Post titled, "Research Suggests that All Men Watch Pornography." My first thought was that they could not have possibly talked to all men. I know this, because I do not watch pornography. This made me suspicious that the link was tied to a pornographic Web site designed to trick me, the last man standing, into accidentally seeing pornography in order to validate their research. (Or, more disturbingly, it could be that I am … [Read more...]