An Imprecise Theology of Things and Stuff

When the sun bursts into the sky or when a fireworks display proves a stellar imitation, I know it is good and I take it in. When friends invite me over for dinner, I am grateful for the meal and the company. I know these things are good. When someone laughs at a joke I tell or better yet when another person "knows what I am talking about", I pause and savor it. These are life's delicious moments. Indisputably they are to be enjoyed, but they are without monetary expense. If the best things … [Read more...]

Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor's Wii Fit Bronze Pig

Just before Christmas, we received a surprise new addition to our family. My husband’s brother, out of the blue, sent us a Nintendo Wii. (Yes, my game-playing friends, we now have a Wii. I don’t think I’ve ever played any sort of electronic game that wasn’t on a Commodore 64, but now we have a Wii.) Wisely foreseeing that he would need to create some positive associations between me and the Wii, my husband then ordered Wii Fit Plus, promising that he would log some time on it as well. … [Read more...]