President Obama and Cultivating Habits of the Heart

A recent Vanity Fair interview with President Obama highlighted how his daily habits produce a routine for the ordinary aspects of his life, freeing him to focus on the important decisions he faces. Maria Popova connects the President’s strategy to psychologist and philosopher William James, in an article posted at The Atlantic: In fact, the same tenets Obama applies to the architecture of his daily life are those . . . William James wrote about in 1887, when he penned Habit (public library; p … [Read more...]

Paul Ryan: The Man With A Plan

Washington DC has a lot of silly “debate” lines that it uses to provide sound bites that don’t really say much of anything. For example:“I’m sorry if I offended anybody.” (Used to apologize for incredibly bad behavior) “My personal life is my business”  (Used to deflect significant propriety questions) “We have more questions that need to be answered.” (Used to keep a minor issue alive to encourage the public perception that the other side is hiding something) “They are playing party politi … [Read more...]