On the Eve of the 2012 Presidential Election

As far as I can tell, Tuesday's presidential election is still a toss-up. Republican nominee Mitt Romney has enjoyed a surge in polls in recent weeks due to his generally strong performances in last month's presidential debates. Yet the latest Pew Research Poll indicates the incumbent President has a 50%-47% lead over Romney.Whatever the outcome of Tuesday's election will be, I'm relieved the election race is nearly over. I've heard a number of people say this race has been the most vicious … [Read more...]

Dalrymple’s Rules of Debate Interpretation

Our Patheos colleague Timothy Dalrymple has posted a list of ten rules regarding interpreting the results of a presidential debate. For example: 1. Television pundits, in the immediate aftermath of the debate, are the worst possible guides to understanding the debate and how it will shape the electoral landscape. It’s just another spin room, except the allegiances and antipathies, the man-crushes and job tryouts are concealed.4. Candidates aren’t out to “win” the debate. They’re out to win t … [Read more...]

The Most Pressing Foreign Policy Issue to be Ignored in Tonight’s Debate

In the next four years, the President of the United States will have to address the growing threat of a Muslim country with a very large population that is hostile to the US, is a safe haven for terrorists, is (probably) fighting a proxy war with us, is the target of regular drone strikes, and already has nuclear weapons.No, this isn't Iran. It's Pakistan. And it's the country both presidential candidates aren't really talking about, even though by some measures it's the greater threat to … [Read more...]

Not Fit for Dinner: Welcoming Mormonism into the Fold

Each Friday in Not Fit for Dinner, C. Ryan Knight explores political issues and the preconceptions guiding our understanding of and responses to them.By many accounts, one of the primary goals of this year’s Republican National Convention was to re-introduce Mitt Romney to his own party, and America at large, in an attempt to increase the likelihood of his being elected to the White House.In trying to cast Romney in a new light, some speakers have carefully broached the waters of Romney’s Mor … [Read more...]