The Minority Report: Balancing Sex Education

When many Christians hear stories like that of¬†Bedford-Stuyvesant Preparatory High School which had planned to hand out condoms at their high school prom, there seems to be a tremendous temptation to overreact. We get this picture in our head of school administrators forcing condoms in the hands of unsuspecting young people with the purpose of enabling them to have sex freely. We live in a sex saturated culture and we hear stories like this and we feel that our schools must be willfully … [Read more...]

The Minority Report: Prom – iscuity

Every Tuesday in The Minority Report, Drew Dixon takes a look at trends in youth culture and offers some biblical wisdom for navigating them."It's not like they're asking you to dress like a nun or anything," says Ellison Garrett a 17 year old junior at Lee County High School in Leesburg Georgia as schools across the country have started enforcing dress codes for prom. As the father of a daughter who will one day likely go to prom, I would like to disagree--there is a part of me that wishes … [Read more...]